Z-Warp (Xbox One) Review with stream

Z-Warp is a vertical shmup that has unique gameplay mechanics that separates it from other shooters and will keep you coming back for more game over after game over.

Gameplay is actually very simple but very intuitive, responsive, and thoughtful.  Holding the shoot button unleashes a powerful blast but at the cost of reduced movement speed while tapping it unleashes a weaker spread shot but with increased speed. Then, the bomb mechanic is actually really cool and must be mastered for success.  When the glowing circle around your ship fills, your bomb is at max power. When unleashed, all enemies and projectiles are destroyed and this bomb refills over time. Also, this explosion can be used to grab any power-ups that within its proximity. Bosses, for example, might unleash an unavoidable wave of bullets and the only way to not take damage is to time the bomb explosions properly.  Since it constantly refills, the player needs to take advantage of this fun system to reach the end and climb the online leaderboards.

The simplicity of this shooter extends into this visual and audio presentation too.  The fast paced soundtrack and booming sound effects mimic the events on-screen. Filled with bullets, indicators, and even falling skulls (used to increase score), the screen is never quiet.  In fact, the game opens with a seizure warning, and oh man, it is not kidding. Playing late one night, I randomly had a headache and had to stop because this game is just intense especially when not feeling 100%.  It is also kind of funny how the game judges you after each stage by saying something like “its ok” after taking a few hits.

At the time of this review, I have yet to beat Z-Warp due to its difficulty (that final boss is tough).  It is a difficult game. However, I have been attempting at least one run per day since I started playing and cannot put it down. Even when it shows no mercy, it is still enjoyable, well-paced, and I want to climb that leaderboard.

SCORE: 8/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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