Avenging Spirit (Xbox One) Review with stream

Originally released to arcades in the early 90s, Avenging Spirit is now available on home consoles thanks to the efforts of Ratalaika Games and Jaleco. A side-scrolling run-and-gun with a twist, this is an interesting action game with nice quality of life features added to this home release. Playing as a ghost, you can possess […]

Sofiya and the Ancient Clan (PS4) Review with stream

A simple, indie 2D side-scrolling action platformer, Sofiya and the Ancient Clan has an approachable design that anyone can pick up and play. Unfortunately, cheap level design, repetitive enemies, and the lack of a checkpoint system are major issues that severely decrease the overall fun factor. Playing as a witch, who wears a low-cut dress […]

Please, Touch The Artwork (Switch) Review

Another unique release by, Please, Touch The Artwork stands out in their library of experience-driven titles. Instead of telling a deep story or providing a different type of gameplay experience, this touchscreen based puzzle game is a casual outing that leans into the modern art aesthetic.  It is important to mention that this digital […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – ChuChu Rocket!

Sega’s GBA port of the Dreamcast’s ChuChu Rocket! has one of the best Single-Pak multi-boot modes on GBA. Loaded with features, this is one chaotic multiplayer experience all from the use of a single cartridge. Loading this game only takes about 2 seconds, there are tons of options available, and you can even play on […]

Arsonist Heaven (Xbox One) Review with stream

A 2D side-scrolling action platformer, Arsonist Heaven gives players an excuse to go on a murderous rampage. The goal of each stage is to kill all enemies by giving them a fiery, horrible death. Each stage is a self-contained, slightly maze-like environment filled with typical jumps, platforms, and hazards. Navigating the verticality of each stage […]

Endling – Extinction is Forever (Xbox One) Review with stream

Endling: Extinction is Forever is an emotional game with a message. Playing as a mother fox looking after her young cubs, this is a experience that proves life is hard and often devastating.  This is one of those games to avoid playing when you are depressed or feeling low because something bad is going to […]

Knights & Guns (Xbox One) Review with stream

First released on Switch last year, Knights & Guns is now available on Xbox consoles. A Buster Bros. (or Pang if you prefer) clone, this Xbox version is basically the same as the Switch version only with numerous Achievements. Check out my coverage of the Switch version here. Instead of vertically shooting balloons like in […]