GBA Single-Pak Link – Ultimate Brain Games

Ultimate Brain Games is a digital board game compilation consisting of 8 games, all of which can be played in both HotSeat or Single-Pak link multiplayer mode. It is much easy to just play the pass-the-console back and forth multiplayer mode but there are plenty of options available for those willing to go through the […]

Hatup (XSX) Review with stream

A single-screened precision platformer, Hatup remains casual and never overly difficulty throughout the brief 30 levels. Even though the main nameless blob character uses a fez as a main gameplay element, it shouldn’t be confused with the indie hit Fez. Outfitted with only a double jump and dash move, Hatup has pick-up-and-play gameplay that anyone […]

I got some Pokemon/Digimon cards. They worth anything?

Do you know anything about Pokemon or Digimon cards? I am pretty clueless about this stuff and what value it might hold in today’s market. I recently acquired this lot in a bundle but have been out of the Pokemon card landscape for many years. If you know anything, or have any interest in perhaps […]

Bones of Halloween (Xbox One) Review with stream

Bones of Halloween is a simple, single-player arena shooter released at a budget friendly price of $5. For a game that only costs a few bucks, there is a decent amount of mindless fun to be had. Unfortunately, Bones of Halloween is literally unplayable for be because of one silly reason – no option to […]

Silenced: The House (Xbox One) Review with stream

Silenced: The House is a choose-your-path visual novel regarding vulgar teenagers navigating a creepy house and its surrounding area. Swordbreaker and Dull Grey, other Sometimes You released titles, have identical gameplay (or technically, lack thereof) for comparison. That’s the thing. There really isn’t much game here. You just hit the “advance the text” button until […]

Buddy Simulator 1984 (Switch) Review

Buddy Simulator 1984 is a uniquely weird game. For the first hour, you’ll be entering simple text prompts from an old timey green monitor interface, playing simple games like rock/paper/scissors or “guess the number.”  Eventually the game opens to new experiences which I don’t wish to spoil here as it would ruin the entire point […]