GBA Single-Pak Link – ChuChu Rocket!

Sega’s GBA port of the Dreamcast’s ChuChu Rocket! has one of the best Single-Pak multi-boot modes on GBA. Loaded with features, this is one chaotic multiplayer experience all from the use of a single cartridge. Loading this game only takes about 2 seconds, there are tons of options available, and you can even play on […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Dr. Mario & Puzzle League

Dr. Mario & Puzzle League doesn’t have a real time single-pak multiplayer mode. Instead, a downloadable trial demo version of either Dr. Mario or Puzzle League can be sent to an open GBA and played until the power turns off. Dr. Mario is like the NES version but with updated visuals and less music options […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Zapper: One Wicked Cricket

The top-down grid-based gameplay of Zapper: One Wicked Cricket on GBA features 5 different gameplay modes but they are basically just variants of one another. Zipper Soccer and Mega Zipper Soccer are the same only with more bug balls and the other modes are different types of death match options. Zapper is another forgotten mascot […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Micro Machines

Racing quirky toy cars in real life environments. Mario Kart-like weapons. Multiple vehicle types including 4x4s, boats and bikes. And simple top-down gameplay. Man, Micro Machines should have been awesome. Instead, players must compete against wicked load times including needing to restart all connected GBAs if a new track wants to be played. The AI […]

HunterX (Switch) – MyGamer Visual Cast stream

HunterX is a side-scrolling action platformer Metroidvania although the official description of the game doesn’t specifically call it a “Metroidvania.” It stars and anime high school girl in a school outfit because of course it does. Armed with a katana, some magic, and a dodge roll, it is your job to kill the demons and […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5

Instead of Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker has been placed inside the Crazy Castle and up to 4 players can compete in a 2 minute, boring mini-game of school yard tag. Since this game only uses the D-Pad, there is only stage, and there is no action button (no jump, no attack, no abilites, no collectables, […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Konami Collector’s Series: Arcade Advanced

A quality and inexpensive compilation, Konami’s GBA arcade cart features a Single-Pak multiplayer option from 4 of the 6 included games: Frogger, Time Pilot, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, and Rush’n Attack. Although the load times are a little longer, each game plays well and features quality, bite-sized fun. Whether working together in Rush’n Attack, doing the […]