Double Dragon 3 (GB, 1992) – Enable The Link Cable

In comparison to 2-player link cable mode in Double Dragon II (GB), Double Dragon 3’s 2-player co-op mode has seen a dramatic shift in speed and especially difficulty. This game is super, super hard. The AI shows no mercy and is difficult to make progress even when watching each other’s backs. Newly implemented is the […]

Double Dragon (GB, 1989) – Enable The Link Cable

Double Dragon on Nintendo’s Gameboy has one important feature over the NES original – 2 player simultaneous play! However, it isn’t what you think. Instead of playing through the brawling campaign with a buddy, players instead face off in a 1-v-1 versus match. Gameplay is so slow and there are no options so replay value […]

VIDEOCAST – Arcade Archives – Tetris: The Grand Master (PS4)

This week, Gillman and I play the first Arcade Archives title we have streamed (I think). For some reason, Gillman picked up Tetris: The Grand Master so we thought we would stream it and give it a shot. Nice that there is Trophy support for these Arcade Archive games too. Thanks for watching.

GBA Single-Pak Link – Dokodemo Taikyoku: Yakuman Advance

Dokodemo Taikyoku: Yakuman Advance supports 4 players but English speakers, like me, are going to have a tough time understanding how to play or what is happening. I don’t know how to play Yakuman and don’t know Japanese so I apologize for the lack of detail on this one. But I still needed to make […]