Blood Waves (XSX) Review with stream

Originally released a couple years ago on Xbox One and PS4, an XSX and PS5 version of Blood Waves is now available. Published by Sometimes You, this is a single player horde mode where a Lara Croft lookalike must survive waves of aggressive zombie attacks with severely underpowered firearms. To quickly summarize, this game is […]

Catmaze (Xbox One) Review with stream

Catmaze is much more of a Metroid-like as opposed to Castlevania since you do not gain experience points with each kill.  There is a large, interconnected map that progressively becomes fully explorable as the playable witch gains new abilities but there are few elements that hold back the experience. A highlight is the story and […]

Super Sunny Island (Xbox One) Review with stream

Playing as a penguin armed with a squirt gun, it is your job to platform your way through each of the tiny levels to collect three keys, unlock the stage-ending treasure chest, and defeat simple bad guys along the way. It is a very simple, very basic, highly approachable action platformer that is perfect for […]

Rick Henderson (Xbox One) Review with stream

Not to be confused with Rickey Henderson of MLB fame, Rick Henderson is a 16-bit horizontal shooter now available on PC and all modern consoles for $7.99.  It might have a strange name but the gameplay is rather familiar. The gimmick behind this shmup is the endless gameplay. Not a roguelite, the game just keeps […]

Dyna Bomb 2 (Xbox One) Review with stream

A simple 2D side-scrolling platformer, Dyna Bomb 2 is a straightforward experience. From the visual presentation to the overall platforming approach, everything is basic at best but can act as a great starter platformer for younger players. There are two gimmicks with Dyna Bomb 2. First is the collect-a-thon nature of the gameplay. Each stage […]

Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire (PS4) Review with stream

The latest game in this multi-game series, Pretty Girls Four Kings Solitaire puts a small spin on classic Solitaire gameplay but from the same overall UI and feature set than its previous titles. Despite what the title might suggestion, this is a very tame PS4 game. In fact, it can probably be rated PG if […]

Back Again (PS4) Review with stream

Back Again is weird, indie, low-cost first-person platformer that offers a trippy, experimental experience. Listed at a budget-friendly price of $2.99, this hour-long campaign contains an easy Platinum for players that do not invert their Y-axis camera control. Honestly, Back Again is nearly unplayable for me as there is no option to invert the Y-axis. […]

Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition (Xbox One) Review with stream

An arena fighter taking place on the waters of a bathtub, Smash Boats is sort of a last man standing demolition derby of MicroMachine-like toy boats. It is a ridiculous, arcade style experience designed around mindless action. Controlling a boat, it is your job to ram into enemy ships to sink them. With two forms […]

Kid Ball Adventure (Xbox One) Review with stream

A wholesome platforming adventure designed around casual play and undemanding skill, Kid Ball Adventure is sort of like Meat Boy only with a simple and nonviolent presentation. The difficulty is also nowhere near as high making this a simple game almost anyone can play and causally enjoy. The gimmick with this single screened platformer is […]

Cursed to Golf (Xbox One) Review with stream

A creative spin on classic golf rules and gameplay, Cursed to Golf places emphasis on story and precision gameplay. It is sort of trying to be mini golf with all the special abilities and trap-filled holes but demands the expertise of a skilled professional to reach the end. Playing as a golfer about to hit […]