Nirvana: Pilot Yume (Xbox One) Review with stream

One part visual novel with one part futuristic racer, Nirvana is basically the same game as the original Switch release, fully titled Nirvana: Pilot Yume, only without the explicit content. Unfortunately, both the visual novel and racing segments are not particularly polished, creating more frustration than fun. Although the art style in the visual novel […]

Cotton Fantasy: Superlative Night Dreams (PS4) Review with full playthrough stream

Over the last year, ININ Games and SUCCESS have released several Cotton titles on current gen hardware. These fan favorite shmups are causes for excitement as playing these original games on their original hardware is next to impossible thanks to very small print runs. Now, thanks to the magic of digital distribution (with some physical […]

Dandy & Randy DX (Xbox One) Review with stream

Dandy & Randy DX can probably be most easily described as a Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past-lite. It is a wholesome, highly entertaining experience beginning to end, making it a perfect campaign for youngsters, newbies to the top-down action/adventure genre, and even longtime fans. If you watch just a couple minutes of […]

Marble Maid (Switch) Review

Instead of a monkey trap inside a ball like Sega’s popular Monkeyball franchise, Marble Maid features a creepily designed anime maid trapped inside an orb, tasked with touching literal dust “bunnies” in stages that remind of the pyramid from Q-bert. Platforming in a ball is never accurate since you are always rolling, hunting down these […]

Rolling Car (Switch) Review

Like Trials on a treadmill diorama, Rolling Car is part platformer, part balance simulator.  The goal is to guide a monster truck to the end of each stage, avoiding hazards and making jumps while maintaining balance and proper momentum, all from a treadmill level design. Although there are easy-to-see Trials inspirations, this is definitely not […]

Ayo the Clown (Xbox One) Review with stream

Originally released on Switch last summer, I praised Ayo The Clown for being a pleasant little 2.5D platformer with tons to collect and abilities to upgrade. This Xbox port is essentially the same game although it looks a little sharper than the Switch version and of course has Achievements. Everything I mentioned in my Switch […]

Floogen (Switch) Review

An action platformer made with stop-motion clay visuals, Floogen has an eye-catching style. Unfortunately, the troublesome gameplay doesn’t match the unique presentation. Playing as a blob that likes to collect watermelon, the ultimate goal to essentially get to the other side of the stage. Along the way are tons of annoying enemies to whack, hazards […]