Cake Invaders (Xbox One) Review with Stream

Cake Invaders, the latest release by EastAsiaSoft, is basically a modern version of classic Missile Command.  The overall goal is the still the same, protect the bottom of the screen from incoming attackers, stay alive as long as possible, and get the highest score to earn your spot on the online leaderboards, but does so through high action and easy to use controls.

If you watch my stream embedded below, you’ll see I get more and more excited with each attempt. With each run, I managed to earn a higher spot on the leaderboard and I wanted to restart as soon as my last cake base was eaten by those pesky invaders.

Missile Command was a difficult game as it required pinpoint accuracy from a limited stock of ammo.  Cake Invaders keeps the action at the forefront by not only giving players unlimited fast-paced ammo, but there are a few power-ups as well. This rapid-fire tower defense style action works exceedingly well as it is simple yet addicting, tough but fair. My biggest complaint actually comes from initial stage. As players start, they basically have a peashooter against an army.  It takes a little time and skill to clear the first wave and earn upgrades, making the next few stages easier. Since the entire run is so reliant on the success of stage 1, the balance is thrown off a bit. Luckily, the action gets better and faster paced with each subsequent stage.

Achievement hunters should take note as most Achievements can be earned in just a few minutes, each one carrying a large Gamerscore. The best part? This game only costs five bucks and the online leaderboard provide worthwhile replay value.  The 2D pixelated visuals are not without their charm but the limited enemy variety is a bit of a shortcoming.  Sometimes things in the background, like the asteroids, look like they can be shot but are distracting non-interactive elements that can sometimes get in the way.

Cake Invaders is the perfect example of a mindless game that offers stupid, addicting fun at a low cost, a bill that many EastAsiaSoft titles fit. 

SCORE: 8/10

Also Try: a tower defense title or a twin-stick shooter  

More Fun Than: classic Missile Command

Wait For It: Cake Invaders 2 with online co-op

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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