Revita (Switch) Review

It is a new week. You know what that means!? Yes, another half dozen rogue-based titles are released on the digital marketplace of your choice. Revita is another one of these games to be released in this massively over crowded genre but has a couple tricks up its sleeve to separate it from most. 

In addition to being a 2D side-scrolling twin-stick shooter, the first mechanic that makes this title different is the health/currency system.  Health obviously determines how much damage you can take before game over but here it also works as a way to unlock things. For example, do you want to sacrifice one heart to unlock that buff or buy that item? Or do you save your health because you think a tricky boss is right around the corner.  Most instances there isn’t a right or wrong answer – just different approaches.

This health-as-currency element wouldn’t be what it is without the soul system.  Killing enemies releases souls. Souls can be collected to fill a meter. Once the meter is filled, health can be restored by holding down a button.  So even if you spend a few hearts in the shop, you can earn them back with skillful play.  This puts more pressure on the player but also provides a lot of player choice and freedom.  Personally, I found this push/pull give/take scenario refreshing and it works very well. 

The other reason how Revita separates itself is from the excellent pacing.  Connected by one massive metro system, the player is delivered single-screened challenges.  Although some arenas are bigger than others, the player is basically put into a room, tasked with killing the enemies and making it to the exit, then taking an elevator to the next floor until a boss and a new train delivers you to the next world.  Each floor might only take a few seconds to clear so the player is constantly thrown into new situations after a quick moment of reprieve. Then, every so often the player enters a shop in which to spend health to unlock those buffs.  I really appreciate this fast paced form of progression as it easily keeps the player hook. 

There are several other reasons why Revita is one of the more recent enjoyable rogue titles. The controls are tight and thoughtful.  There are tons of options to adjust in the main menu to tweak the game to your level of play.  The train/metro visual theme is something that feels new but most importantly, this game is beatable.  So many rogue titles are designed to beat the player without mercy, then start over, maybe with one slight enhancement.  On my first attempt, I managed to kill a ton of enemies, best a bunch of bosses, and make my way through many floors of the metro.  Revita is proof that dying doesn’t need to be thing you do the most.

If you have been following my work, you will know that I have been complaining for a while about how every game released these days is some type of rogue title. Even though I am exhausted of this genre, Revita completes its namesake; it gave me new life in regards to this over saturated style of game. 

SCORE: 8/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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