Fingun (Switch) Review

A comical single-screened boss gauntlet horizontal shooter, Fingun provides stupid fun for the thirty minutes that it lasts. With most of the visuals made in MS Paint, the game never takes itself too seriously and unlocks a few mature images upon completion, a feature in most Gamuzumi games.

Controlling a hand that shoots circle bullets from its finger tips, Fingun is a unique shooter because there are no levels to clear or common enemies to destroy. Instead, the player battles nothing but bosses, mostly composed of oddly drawn female figures in bikinis (one boss is a strangely shaped pencil ship though).  Making gameplay even more unique, each battle takes place on a single, non-scrolling screen essentially making this a fighting game.

There are only two buttons to use too – shoot and rotate. Holding the shoot button will unleash a rapid fire attack while the flip button will face the ship in the opposite direction.  Bosses have large health bars and usually chunks can be busted off as energy is depleted, often rewarding the player with ship power-ups. A fully decked out ship significantly boosts offensive and defensive capabilities so it is always a mega bummer when you die and have to restart with the peashooter.   

Even though there is plenty of challenge, this is a fair and competent shooter. Most boss attacks are foretold with a yellow “!” warning symbol, giving the player just enough time to react. However, each boss sticks to a very specific pattern. Once learned, it is possible to defeat each boss with ease.  In fact, since these patterns repeat and the health bars are so large, some fights can actually be too grindy. 

Visually, the game is a joke on purpose. The simple sprites only add to the comical value of the overall presentation and soundtrack is way faster than it has any right to be – it actually sounds like a crazy Dragonforce tune from time to time. During a couple fights though, the sound got all glitchy for no reason, as if the game couldn’t handle it all.  It doesn’t really take away anything from the overall gameplay but is definitely noticeable when it happens. The Mega Man X-style “warning” screen transitions are a really nice touch though. 

There are a few built-in Achievements if dedicated players are inclined but otherwise there is no replay value.  With a quest that lasts about half an hour, Fingun is a short lived experimental shooter but one that is stupidly and comically remembered. 

SCORE: 7/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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