Remote Life (Xbox One) Review with stream

Created by a single developer, Remote Life is a horizontal shooter with twin-stick controls, host to a dark and disturbing visual style with eerie soundtrack, and has a weapon system and difficulty configuration that makes gameplay fun and accessible. This detailed $20 shmup would be an impressive release for any game development team but that […]

Amazing Princess Sarah (PS4) Review

A simple and straightforward action platformer, Amazing Princess Sarah isn’t anything you have not played before, suffers from repeating enemies and environments, but is still casually enjoyable thanks to a goofy gimmick – you can use the corpses of your murdered enemies as weapons to kill more enemies. A vicious cycle for sure, but starts […]

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey (PS4/PSVR) Review with stream

Puzzle Bobble, aka Bust-A-Move, is the latest long running fan favorite puzzle game to go 3D but does it make the game better and more fun? Well, no. Not really. Tetris tried going 3D with Tetrisphere on N64 and even 3D Tetris on Virtual Boy and those versions are long forgotten. So I think it […]

Nirvana: Pilot Yume (Xbox One) Review with stream

One part visual novel with one part futuristic racer, Nirvana is basically the same game as the original Switch release, fully titled Nirvana: Pilot Yume, only without the explicit content. Unfortunately, both the visual novel and racing segments are not particularly polished, creating more frustration than fun. Although the art style in the visual novel […]

Cotton Fantasy: Superlative Night Dreams (PS4) Review with full playthrough stream

Over the last year, ININ Games and SUCCESS have released several Cotton titles on current gen hardware. These fan favorite shmups are causes for excitement as playing these original games on their original hardware is next to impossible thanks to very small print runs. Now, thanks to the magic of digital distribution (with some physical […]

Dandy & Randy DX (Xbox One) Review with stream

Dandy & Randy DX can probably be most easily described as a Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past-lite. It is a wholesome, highly entertaining experience beginning to end, making it a perfect campaign for youngsters, newbies to the top-down action/adventure genre, and even longtime fans. If you watch just a couple minutes of […]

Marble Maid (Switch) Review

Instead of a monkey trap inside a ball like Sega’s popular Monkeyball franchise, Marble Maid features a creepily designed anime maid trapped inside an orb, tasked with touching literal dust “bunnies” in stages that remind of the pyramid from Q-bert. Platforming in a ball is never accurate since you are always rolling, hunting down these […]