Whiskey & Zombies (Xbox One) Review with stream

Made by a small dev team, Whiskey & Zombies is a top-down survival game that involves hillbillies drinking their moonshine to gain the strength to kill zombies like Popeye is to spinach. Unfortunately, the booze mechanic is a tedious babysitting job at best and low production values makes it difficult to play, let alone enjoy. […]

Pretty Girls Rivers (PS4) Review with stream

The next title in the long running Pretty Girls series by EastAsiaSoft, Pretty Girls Rivers is nothing more than a tile-matching mahjong game with static anime babes wearing weird outfits pictured on the side of the screen.  On the final stage, each girl will change clothes as you clear pieces but it never exceeds anything […]

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (Xbox One) Review with stream

Originally created in 2010 for actual 8-bit NES hardware, Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril is a homebrew original has been ported to Xbox One via 8-bit Legit, a publishing arm of Mega Cat Studios. In short, it is basically 75% Mega Man with 25% Metroid-like exploratory stage design but 100% NES-hard challenge. Battle Kid is […]

Sockventure (Switch) Review

A precision platformer, Sockventure doesn’t bring anything new to the genre but offers some short-burst entertainment thanks to a more approachable difficulty factor. Not nearly as difficult as Super Meat Boy but more challenging than the hardest Mario stages, Sockventure never reaches annoyingly high levels of frustration. Sure, you will die but each mistake is […]

Z-Warp (Xbox One) Review with stream

Z-Warp is a vertical shmup that has unique gameplay mechanics that separates it from other shooters and will keep you coming back for more game over after game over. Gameplay is actually very simple but very intuitive, responsive, and thoughtful.  Holding the shoot button unleashes a powerful blast but at the cost of reduced movement […]

Slipstream (Xbox One) Review with stream

An ode to OutRun, Slipstream is an 80s indie driving game about drifting at right angles to make right turns, outfitted with a wondrous pixelated backdrop.  It isn’t exactly original and tracks are pretty bland (you’re either just cruising straightaways or drifting hard) but it is still a cool experience. There are a handful of […]

Big Bang Pro Wrestling (Switch) Review

Big Bang Pro Wrestling is the latest Neogeo Pocket Color game to be re-released digitally on the Switch eShop.  To this point, I have covered every NGPC re-release, including the Steam version of the of Vol.1 compilation, and have to say that this wrestling title is my least favorite of the current titles available.  At […]

Horned Knight (PS4) Review with stream

A simple action platformer, Horned Knight is a low cost digital downloadable title (a limited run physical version is available via Red Art Games) about jumping, avoiding hazards, dashing, killing monsters, and wall jumping to reach the goal.  It isn’t anything you have not played before but it is a casual, enjoyable experience especially for […]