Voyage (Xbox One) Review with stream

A cinematic gameplay experience, Voyage isn’t about high-action, killing things, or saving the world. Instead, the player is treated to a single player or co-op two-hour narrative that feels like you are playing a watercolor painting. With no story, background, UI, or text, the player is just thrown into the game and left to figure […]

Sword & Fairy: Together Forever (PS4) Review

A bigger release by EastAsiaSoft, Sword & Fairy Together Forever is a Chinese action RPG that is mostly linear, straightforward, but still playable. Although the US has received limited releases in this long running series, it stands on it own. Starting the quest as a long sworded badass that can jump through the air with […]

Turrican Anthology Vol.1/2 (PS4) Review with stream

Before Factor 5 made fantastic Star Wars games on N64 and Gamecube, they released many titles spanning numerous consoles in their Turrican series. With the help of Ratalaika Games, these classic run-and-gun titles have been given new life on modern consoles spread throughout two Anthologies. Turrican Anthology Vol.1 contains: -Turrican (Amiga) -Turrican II (Amiga) -Super […]

Gigapocalypse (Xbox One) Review with stream

A side-scrolling kaiju simulator, Gigapocalypse is a retro-inspired action game with RPG elements. Despite the grindy nature, the die-and-try-again gameplay is encouraging thanks to the wealth of unlockables. Playing as the monster of your choosing, your beast is constantly moving from left to right. It is your job to decimate each city by smashing every […]

After Wave: Downfall (Xbox One) Review with stream

Instead of flying a spaceship and destroying alien crafts, After Wave: Downfall is a shooter shmup but one that takes place on water rapids. At first, it reminded me of a modern and faster paced take on classic Toobin’ only by traveling up the screen instead of down it but this fluid shooter is action […]

Avenging Spirit (Xbox One) Review with stream

Originally released to arcades in the early 90s, Avenging Spirit is now available on home consoles thanks to the efforts of Ratalaika Games and Jaleco. A side-scrolling run-and-gun with a twist, this is an interesting action game with nice quality of life features added to this home release. Playing as a ghost, you can possess […]

Sofiya and the Ancient Clan (PS4) Review with stream

A simple, indie 2D side-scrolling action platformer, Sofiya and the Ancient Clan has an approachable design that anyone can pick up and play. Unfortunately, cheap level design, repetitive enemies, and the lack of a checkpoint system are major issues that severely decrease the overall fun factor. Playing as a witch, who wears a low-cut dress […]

Please, Touch The Artwork (Switch) Review

Another unique release by, Please, Touch The Artwork stands out in their library of experience-driven titles. Instead of telling a deep story or providing a different type of gameplay experience, this touchscreen based puzzle game is a casual outing that leans into the modern art aesthetic.  It is important to mention that this digital […]