TEN – Ten Room, Ten Seconds (Xbox One) Review with stream

A precision platformer built around survival, TEN – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds is a fun and interesting take on the Meat Boy-ish brutal level design gameplay philosophy. Instead of simply making it through a bunch of insta-kill obstacles, the player instead must survive within each of the ten single-screen stages for ten seconds before moving […]

Pretty Girls Speed (PS4) Review with stream

Pretty Girls Speed is the latest game in the long running line of Pretty Girls titles released by EastAsiaSoft.  This time, instead of breaking bricks or playing Poker, the player plays a virtual game of Speed, a card game, against fully clothed anime girls. This PS4 release has no lewd content at all. In fact, […]

The Legend of the Dragonflame High School Collection (Xbox One) Review with stream

An obvious callback to the River City series, The Legend of the Dragonflame High School doesn’t try to hide its inspiration. Playing as a high schooler, it is your job to pummel your way through single screened areas in and around a school, punching the faces of everyone you see. While it is not as […]

Elemetals: Death Metal Deathmatch! (Xbox One) Review with stream

A four-player arena brawler, Elemetals: Death Metal Deathmatch offers some ridiculous short burst fun. This game might also have the best name for any game of all time. For gameplay comparison, think Brawlout or Brawlhalla as Elemetals is a single screened arena beat’em up. Four players go in, with AI bots filling slots of empty […]

Rolling Gunner + Over Power (PS4) Review with stream

Originally released in 2018 on PC, Rolling Gunner is a horizontally scrolling bullet hell shooter. Now available on PS4 bundled with the Over Power DLC, this is easily one of the best shmups on the console. It is also available on Switch. There is a lot of story here, especially for a shooter, and it […]

Swords & Bones (Xbox One) Review with stream

Released earlier this year on Switch, Swords & Bones is a retro pixel platformer now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles. Check out my review of Swords & Bones on Switch here. The Xbox version plays very similarly to the original Switch game with the biggest addition being the inclusion of Achievements.  […]