Wall jumping is always fun
Kling-On is an incomplete project but the foundation is solid.  I am kicking myself now for not finding the time to complete this project as games like N+ and Super Meatboy beat me to it.

Anyway, I always enjoyed the wall jumping mechanic found the in the MegaMan X games and always wanted to create a unique platformer based around it. Hence, Kling-On was born.

Jump with the space bar, move with the arrow keys, get the treasure at the end of each stage.  Hold the arrow keys to slide down a wall.  And there are three different stages; once you beat stage 3, it loops back to stage 1.


Even though it lacks any type of significant polish, the idea is there and showcases many different elements of programming and game design.  Things like Lives, Score, Gravity, Enemy AI, different starting points, effects (smoke comes out when you slide), high score table, screen transitions and more are all apart of my game. Now, if I only had the time to finish it.

Click HERE to download Kling-On.

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