REVIEW – GoldenEye 007: Reloaded (PS3)


When I reviewed last year’s then Wii exclusive GoldenEye, a reimagining of the N64 hit, I took into account that it was a type of game rarely seen on the Wii. Given the fact that it was an exclusive FPS on an FPS starved system, supported 10 player online multiplayer without a hanky Friend Code system, used both Wii remote and standard controller options, and actually had decent graphics for a Wii game, it was a higher quality title for Nintendo’s white box and is more for a hardcore audience as opposed to a casual mini game compilation.

In short, GoldenEye Reload is the exact same game as the Wii version but upgraded with modern FPS features that are expected with any next gen title but will still lack that classic N64 nostalgia that it is striving for.

So what’s different? Smoother frame rate, clearer textures, more vibrant particle effects, 16-player online support, some new maps, some new playable characters – again, all the expected features of a modern FPS.

Probably the biggest edition to the gameplay comes in the form of a challenge mode where you can stack the odds against yourself to warrant the potential for a higher score. Playstation Move support has also been implemented and works similarly to the Wii point and shoot control scheme and actually controls better than you think; there are even special Move bundles that include the game. Although welcomed, these features are not a major game changer.

The game’s biggest downfall is that it is the not the GoldenEye that you remember. At the end of the day, instead of getting this reimaged version I would have preferred an 800 Microsoft Point updated downloadable title just like how the XBLA treated Perfect Dark.

GoldenEye Reload isn’t necessarily a bad game, but when compared to other FPS’s on an FPS-heavy system, it is average at best… and let’s be honest, you are probably playing Modern Warfare 3 now anyway – another Activision published game. But when the dust settles on this very high quality gaming holiday season, Reloaded might not be a bad rainy day purchase when this game inevitably drops in price.


Just As Good As: the Wii version but with the enhancements you expect for a PS3 title

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