Plunderer’s Adventures (Switch) Review

Plunderer’s Adventure is a simple tower defense title that features scantily clad pixelated pirate babes. Instead of placing weaponry in specific places (think Plants Vs Zombies or Defense Grid for comparison), you are the weapon. The player must move and shoot between four lanes, paying attention to which enemies are approaching and when the special attacks become available from a cool down timer.

The problem with this low cost, budget defense title is the requirement to grind. There are only 10 stages but reaching each one requires replaying the previous stage a few times to earn enough gold to unlock that one enhancement that is needed to beat the next stage. To put things in perspective, I had to play the first stage 3 times before I had enough fire power to beat stage 2. It took me about 2-3 hours to finish the campaign but the majority of that time was spent replaying old stages. Instead of having 10 stages with slow, repeating pacing, it would have been much more entertaining if the player earned a new skill after every stage with dozens available.  The end result here is a slog, repetitive, and the payoff isn’t there. This design flaw easily overshadows the rest of the experience, making the typos and difficult to read text (because text grows from the middle of the screen instead of left to right) almost forgettable. 

After the campaign is finished, an Endless mode is unlocked. Earning high scores in this mode will unlock topless 2D pixel art of the pirates featured in the campaign, viewable in the gallery.  These are stills of the pirates in Instragram-like poses and the game actually opens with a warning screen of the naughty imagery.  Just be warned, getting to the goods requires going through that grind. The final couple stages are also very challenging and players will need to be on top of their game to complete it even when fully powered.

The first playable pirate shoots individual pistol shots at a weak but faster pace but the second playable character requires the player hold down the button to charge a cannon blast – much slower but can be much more powerful.  Having two different play styles is cool but it still can’t beat a multiplayer feature, something that is not an option with this game. At least the purposely designed low res pixel art is charming but the soundtrack takes itself a little too seriously. 

Plunderer’s Adventures isn’t a terrible game but the flaws could easily be fixable if a sequel is ever is created.

SCORE: 5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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