Explosive Candy World (Xbox One) Review with stream

Explosive Candy World is another fine example of the simple yet addicting nature that EastAsiaSoft titles can be.

Each stage is a single screen and the player is tasked with exploding a little man to the goal. Pulling the analog stick changes the power and trajectory of the explosion so this is essentially a platformer but swap the jump button for a ‘splode button.  Need to reach a higher platformer? Then aim the analog stick more vertically.  Have to cross that gap? Then pull hard to the side with a slight angle downward.  The game keeps tracks of the number of moves in each stage but doesn’t reward or punish the player for taking as much time that is needed.

The pacing is great too. Sure, the opening stages are easy but slowly increase in difficulty, eventually tasking the player by hitting switches, jumping on rotating ledges, and even shooting parts of the environment to clear a path.  Most stages incorporate something new so the experience remains fresh and thoughtful even though you are doing the same action repeatedly.

The sweet treat aesthetic, with the pastel color roster, fits the light hearted nature of the gameplay. Visually, the simple 2D spritework is well done, charming, and filled with personality. There is something about how the little candy cane man positions himself upright after being ‘sploded that is so gosh darn cute. As great and simple as the visuals are, the soundtrack was easily a highlight for me. Although it loops often, this single happy-go-lucky track is a slapper that I just want playing in the background as I am doing house chores or cooking dinner.  

Explosive Candy World is one of those casual games that doesn’t take itself too seriously, will probably fly under the radar, but has gameplay polished to a high sheen.  It only costs a few bucks and snagging all the Achievements doesn’t take much effort or time so hunters take note.

SCORE: 8/10

Don’t Forget About: that Flash Halo Warthog grenade bombing game on Newgrounds  

More Fun Than: Splosion Man

Nowhere Near As Difficult or Frustrating As: Jump King  

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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