Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy (Switch) Review

The main draw of Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy is obviously the seductively drawn anime babes but the shooter segment, the actual gameplay, is surprisingly enjoyable thanks to a thoughtful upgrade system.  Even if seeing ladies in their birthday suits wasn’t in this game, it would still be a fun shooter.

Apparently these ladies have cursed clothes.  And what do you need to do with cursed clothes? That’s right, remove them before it is too late. The story is ridiculous, the minor dialog between each stage is also stupidly pervy, but that is sort of the point with this lewd title.

Beyond just a peep show, it is a vertical shooter at its heart. There are multiple vehicles available, each with strengths and weaknesses, so there is replay value found in experimenting with each available craft. As you blast weird monsters that spawn from nowhere, they will drop crystals that fall to the bottom of the screen. Catching a crystal will launch it at the huge anime girl drawn in the background, chipping away at her clothes.  Once all her clothes have been removed, the boss appears. Take down the boss to move onto the next stage. Believe it or not, this is actually more fun than it sounds.

Besides crystals, sometimes enemies will drop money.  This money can then be used to upgrade your ship in-between stages. It takes quite a bit of cash to fully upgrade each craft but can becomes a killing powerhouse by the time the last stage becomes available.  The shop keeper is this old, disgusting but nice witch woman who can also offer clues to the next stage for a fee as well.  It is this upgrading loop that keeps the game interesting even though the player is ultimately shooting the same enemies repeatedly. The text scrolls from the middle outward, which is difficult to read in real time, but thankfully pressing a button instantly puts all the texts on screen at once.

Bosses are also generic, one is a face and one is a sword for example, and they also have bad movement patterns and sound effects. For example, one boss likes to camp the bottom border of the screen. Since the player can only shoot upward, the player must be very patient when it comes to attacking. A couple bosses also literally attack the screen making it difficult to see; it is basically the Blooper ink attack in Mario Kart. Bosses are not really that fun; they are more like annoyances with their grindy nature. When playing the arcade mode, they have so much energy which makes each bout more about a battle of attrition. In this alternate mode, I could not beat any level 2 boss due to the high health and weak fire power so there are some pacing issues. Also, if you die, you get nothing so the payoff can be frustrating.

Visually, this game looks like a glorified Flash game. If you watch the trailer, the generic visuals do not do the game any favors. Since each stage features a massive drawing of each anime woman, it can actually be difficult to distinguish what is a non-interactive part of the background or what is an incoming bullet that can cause damage. This is in part because the screen actually scrolls in all directions even though the player is always shooting upward and can be a little disorienting.  Creatively, the player can actually shoot and destroy some incoming enemy projectiles, which is unique for a shooter. Sure, your dodging game still needs to be on point but some ship’s spread shots can make quick work of incoming fire. There are power-ups, like screen clearing bombs, but they are so uncommon they might not even be there at all.

Let’s be honest. This game will be purchased for the ladies that go undressed but thankfully there is a decent shooter here.  Online leaderboards also provide some extra incentive but it is a major let-down there is no save feature. Playing through one full campaign can take more than thirty minutes, maybe closer to an hour depending on skill and restarts so not being able to save and come back later to finish is a major misstep.  At least the Gallery option features extensive options though.  If you are embarrassed buying this perverted title, at least you can provide the excuse that you are just playing it for the upgradable shooter segments.

SCORE: 6/10

Not As Action Packed As: Crimson Clover World EXplosion
Faster Paced Than: the Pretty Girls series of card/board games  
Also Try: Trigger Witch  

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz
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