NEWS – Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and More Coming to Theatrhythm Curtain Call as DLC


The following list of tracks will be available as DLC for SquareEnix’s latest 3DS music based game Theatrhythm Curtain Call IN JAPAN ONLY.

American gamers will just have to sit tight if these tunes will be ported Stateside. Personally, we think Chrono Trigger and SoM are worthy enough to have their own Theatrhythm game but we will take what we can get.
<li>Ultima – Final Fantasy XIV</li>
<li>Hard to Miss – Final Fantasy XIV</li>
<li>Zero – Final Fantasy Type-0</li>
<li>Opening Titles – Romancing SaGa 2</li>
<li>Passionate Rhythm – Romancing SaGa –Minstrel Song-</li>
<li>Battle #4 – SaGa Frontier</li>
<li>Meridian Dance – Secret of Mana</li>
<li>Chrono Trigger – Chrono Trigger</li>

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