BLOG – Gamer’s Gullet: Pringles Holiday White Chocolate and Cinnamon & Sugar Flavors Review

Pringles Holiday banner‘Tis the Season –

Getting into the holiday spirit, Pringles goes all festive on your ass with two limited edition flavors: White Chocolate and Cinnamon & Sugar. And let’s just say there is a reason these tubes of glory are only available for a limited time.

As you can see from the image, the chips themselves look just like the original fan-favorite tan colored Pringles chip outside of a very light reddish hue on the Cinnamon & Sugar version. The taste, however, is pretty much exactly as the packaging states.

Pringles Holiday Tubes all
Wanna put deez in yer mouf?

The White Chocolate tastes like, well, white chocolate. The problem is, white chocolate in potato chip format is just plain awkward and confusing. While chocolate covered pretzels might be able to get away with it, combining the sweetness of a dessert with the salty crunch of a crisp is rather uncomfortable and your mouth won’t understand what is going on.

Limited Time is right!
Limited Time is right!

The Cinnamon & Sugar chip actually tastes similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, which, just like the White Chocolate, is very obscure and will make you wonder why you just put this thing in your mouth. To be fair, these chips perform exactly as advertised, and they contain a rather high entertainment value for their uniqueness, but there is no need to eat an entire stack of these curved crisps.

Besides the prevailing smell upon first removing the protective seal from the can, the biggest difference with these holiday snackers are the wintery themed labels. Sporting a snowy frost design, the cool colors of the White Chocolate tube helps the consumer understand what they are getting themselves into. The same goes for the Cinnamon & Sugar flavor although I was expecting a little more spice instead the more prominent sweet taste.

Pringles Holiday close
They look the same but do not taste the same.

Let’s be honest. Do Pringles need a White Chocolate and Cinnamon & Sugar flavor? A resounding “no” is the answer to that question but I still respect the hell out Pringles for designing something so unexpected. No one asked for Pringles to be this creative, and you probably won’t really want to finish the tube, but these limited edition salty (but now sweet) snacks are worth a purchase more for their entertainment value and holiday conversation- starting abilities.




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Stick With: the original flavor
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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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