How to get free plays in the Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS/2DS)

The Nintendo Badge Arcade originally launched in 2014. Several years ago, Nintendo pretty much abandoned this free 3DS/2DS app as they were no long going to be adding new badges. Also, they unlocked 2 free plays each day you log in. Then, players can earn at least 1 additional free play by playing the Practice Catcher.
If you manage to catch a lot of badges in the Practice Catcher, then you will earn at least 1 additional free play, but sometimes and extra 2 or 3 depending on the bonus (a blue or red piece). I noticed the RED bonus piece, the one that rewards the player with the most amount of free plays, usually comes once every 5-7 days. It is random but players can milk these free daily plays to obtain badges to decorate your 3DS/2DS home screen. It is important to note that free plays cannot be carried over to next day. You must USE THEM OR LOSE THEM. Now where is my Arcade Bunny amiibo!?!
Also, once you hit 6,000 badges, players are rewarded with a secret message by the Arcade Bunny himself.

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