Getting 6k badges in the Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS) reveals secret CODE WORD

Several months ago, I hit 5,000 badges in the Nintendo Badge Arcade. I pretty much been milking the free plays since this pay-to-play app was first launched in 2014.

Each day the player gets 2 free plays, then can play the Practice Catcher to earn at least 1 more each day – that is minimum 3 total per day. However, some days the game will reward the player with a blue badge for one additional play, or even red badge for even more plays. These bonus badges usually happen around once per week. You need that weekly bonus red badge as that is the only way to get some of those trickier badges and badges in the way of the ones you want to snag.

Anyway, I didn’t think the Arcade Bunny was going to do or say anything when I hit 6,000 badges as he already said that 5K was max level to achieve.

To my surprise, the Bunny mentioned a secret CODE WORD. Check this out:

Tomato Curry? Hmmm… sounds strange. What is this code word used for? Is it used for anything? Will it be used for a Nintendo app/game in the future? Did you see the Arcade Bunny assist trophy in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Am I totally insane for playing this much Nintendo Badge Arcade (yes, we already know this answer)? How many arcade badges do you have? Did you even know this free app is available on the 3DS/2DS eShop?

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