BLOG – Where Have All the XBLA Games Gone? – PART 2, Doom Returns!

A while back, I wrote about missing XBLA games.  While I neglected to mention another Midway Games game, Paperboy, I left out the original Doom as I thought that was more common knowledge.  But thanks to the fine people at Bethesda, gamers can now play through the original trip through hell via the Xbox 360.


Besides earning the rights to the original Doom, Bethesda also recently won an ongoing dispute with Interplay over the Fallout license.  Now with both Doom and Fallout finally secured in their rightful place, gamers can now reap the benefits by experiencing this original classic for the low cost of 400 MS Points and look forward to the elusive Fallout MMO, other inevitable sequels and eventually the original Fallout Trilogy.

Now both Doom and Doom 2 are again available for your playing pleasure, complete with online functionality and Leaderboards.  Thanks, Bethesda!

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