REVIEW – Doom (XBLA – Bethesda Published)

Bringing Hell Back

Doom, the grandfather of First Person Shooters, has been ported to just about every major system since it initially launched on PC back in the early 90’s.  Shortly after Microsoft launched the Arcade service on Xbox 360, the original Doom was published by Activision.  Modernly known for releasing other popular warfare FPS’s, Activision was no stranger to the Doom license by publishing Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil on Microsoft’s original console.  However, Bethesda eventually became in possession of the Doom license resulting in the original Doom vanishing from the Arcade marketplace… until now.  After a couple year hiatus, Bethesda has brought back this classic FPS and for the low cost of 400 MS Points.

Besides seeing the Bethesda logo instead of the Activision logo when the game first starts up, little has changed.  But this isn’t seen in a negative light as all the features you could want are here – deathmatch over Live, four player campaign co-op, Leaderboards and Achievements.  When Doom was originally released almost two decades ago, it was restricted to a single player experience.  Having the developers go back and re-engineer the game with multiplayer netcode is a great addition, albeit nothing new.

When Doom 3 was launched on the original Xbox in 2005, there were limited edition versions that included the original Doom as well as Doom II.  This XBLA version of Doom is basically the bonus content found on these exclusive Doom 3 discs.  Point being, players could possibly be paying for the same game twice.  But since the original Xbox’s Live service has been long shut down, re-purchasing this title for $5 is the only way to experience this game with online support.  Luckily, the netcode is stable and provides a smooth online experience.


For $5, there really is not an easier and better way to experience this classic game and Bethesda deserves a Thank You for bringing this game back.  Now, if only Warner would bring back some missing Midway games


On Par With: Doom II – XBLA

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