BLOG – Cheapest Game Evar!

I am no stranger on finding cheap games. Sales, reward clubs, daily deals, clearance bins, coupons, specials… I make it my point to constantly scout for cheap games. Some might call this being cheap. But like Locke, I prefer the term “treasure hunter.”

Now I have found cheap games before (see previous blog entries). However, I think I set a new record today.

At Target, on the bottom of an extremely unorganized clearance rack, I found a copy of Chronicles of Mystery: Curse of the Ancient Temple. Normally, I would not have given this handheld point and click adventure title a second glance until that little red clearance sticker caught my eye:


That’s right. Sixty-six cents. After tax and saving 5% with my Target Red Card, the grand total was $0.68. Talk about breaking the bank!


I bought this game just to say that I bought a game for sixty-six cents. And to give me an excuse to write something in my blog.

Whether this cheap price can be seen as a “deal” for this City Interactive title… well, that is a different question.

Craigslist or Gamestop here I come.

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