BLOG – Club Nintendo July 2012

Unlike other months, Nintendo is only offering two downloadable games this month in exchange for Club Nintendo Coins – one for WiiWare and one for 3DS eShop.


Mario Tennis 64 was a pretty solid tennis game back in the days of the N64.  Four players can compete same-sofa multiplayer and even play creative mini games using Mario Kart style power-ups.  There are also many things to do in the single player game and a wide roster of Nintendo characters to choose from.  One feature that isn’t compatible with this downloadable version is the ability to transfer customized characters via the N64 Transfer Pak and the GBC version of the game.  Players of the GBC Mario Tennis could level up their character in the GBC game and then transfer that character over to the N64 version to compete against Mario and the rest of the Nintendo crew.  It was an interest concept that few players probably took advantage of anyway.   This game will cost you 150 Club Nintendo Coins and is available on WiiWare.


Electroplankton Rec-Rec isn’t really a game as it is more of an app.  Just like the original DS Electroplankton, which was only available for purchase through Nintendo’s website (not sold in stores), players use visual icons to manipulate sound.  Fish-like creatures bounce around the screen and are easy to manipulate; just start tapping the screen or recording your voice with the 3DS mic to experience instant results.  There is even an Electroplankton stage in Smash Bros.  Normally a $1.99 download, this title can be free if you spend 100 Club Nintendo Coins.


If you have never played the original Mario Tennis on N64, then spending 150 coins is a worthwhile way to experience this classic; make sure you have a Classic controller or an old GC controller.  Electroplankton Rec-Rec, however, is not for everybody.  It is one of those apps that you will have fun for about five minutes and then will probably have no desire to ever pick it up again.  However, it is undoubtedly a unique experience so curious gamers could find worse ways of spending 100 Club Nintendo Coins.

See you again in August.

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