NEWS – Zuma’s Revenge Launches on XBLA

PopCap Games announced the global launch Zuma’s Revenge! for the Xbox 360. Adapted from the PC blockbuster game and fully optimized for Xbox LIVE, Zuma’s Revenge! boasts exclusive new game modes, including Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge as well as an all-new player progression system via Spirit Animal companions.  The digital game is now available as an Arcade title for U.S. $10.00 (800 Microsoft Points).


Zuma’s Revenge! for Xbox 360 delivers the following key features:

–         All-new Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge game modes

–         Updated Adventure mode: Quick Play access to any Adventure level at any time. No more lives, dying, or game over! (Iron Frog mode remains too, for the hardcore Zuma players)

–         Brilliantly updated HD 16×9 graphics

–         Vastly enhanced console controls over the original Zuma

–         Spirit Animal companions: an all-new player progression and leveling system. Power-up your Spirit Animals by completing all 189 Spirit Badge challenges

–         New updated scoring system, including multiplier balls to enable scoring massive points

–         All-new feature called ‘friend’s score to beat’ drives competition between friends

–         Earn 2 in-game Avatar Award unlockables and 20 achievements totaling 400 Gamerscore


Check out the MyGamer review of the DS version HERE.

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