BLOG – GameStop’s GameStock 2012 Sale

GameStop is currently having a GameStock 2012 sales promotion going on.  In celebration of July 4th, all used Wii games are 25% off on July 4th and 5th only.  Today, I made a couple of purchases.


Now, I am not really one to take my Wii very seriously.  In fact, I don’t think anyone really takes their Wii seriously.  But there are a handful of distinctive titles that I have had my eye on.

Being a big fan of WayForward games, I bought A Boy and His Blob for the low price of $6.74 thanks to this sales promotion.  A reimagining of the forgotten NES title, WayForward combines their dedicated and highly detailed 2D art style with the classic jellybean transforming gameplay.  While I have not played it yet, I am excited to try it out.  As a simple side note, I also heard that there is a “hug” button in this game that serves no purpose.  Interesting.

I also picked up WarioLand: Shake It for $8.77.  This title seemed to sneak in under the radar when it was first released a few years ago.  It is a 2D sidescroller that is reminiscent of previous WarioLand games but uses the Wii remote’s gyro sensor to perform special abilities.  Like Blob, I have not yet had a chance to check it out but hopefully this game is a Wii sleeper hit.


On my way out, I couldn’t help but finger through the cartons of PS2 games in basic GameStop sleeves.  These bins of PS2 games are mostly filled with old Tiger Woods titles and some of the original PS2 Maddens.  But to my surprise, I found something  – Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.

The original Valkyrie Profile on PSOne was a very rare game and I unfortunately never had an opportunity to play it.  I have purchased Valkyrie Profile Lenneth on PSP and Covenant of the Plume on DS.  Like many other games in my collection, they are sitting on my shelf with the original packaging still intact.  Silmeria is most likely going to find a place on my shelf next to these two other titles.  I have a desire to play them, as I keep buying them, but finding dedicated time is a whole other story.  Perhaps one day before I die…   But the moral of the story is, there might be something good in them thar’ bins.


But check out other GS deals this week.  I probably would have bought Darkness II for $20, but then I realized I still have about 127 hours left of Skyrim that I need to play through.

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