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VIDEOCAST – Freedom Wars (Vita)

Zack and Gillman have yet to give up, fighting for your freedom that is. Join us as we experience on the Vita’s newest and most interesting games out their. Laugh along at how terrible we are at vidya while we make interesting small talk. Watch live video from Varms on Twitch

NEWS – Suikoden II Gets Digital Release on PSN for $9.99

Did you ever play Suikoden II? Of course you didn’t! Limited print runs made this game very difficult to find and became an instant gem among collectors. However, if you were lucky enough to play this game when it was originally released on PSOne, you probably enjoyed the heck out of it. Here is the …

VIDEOCAST – PlayStation TV

This week, I convince Gillman to stream a trial run of the new Playstation TV. We test out Vita, PSOne, and PSP games. We also try to test out some apps, but, you know, they don’t work. Check it out. Watch live video from Varms on Twitch

VIDEOCAST – Akiba’s Trip PS3

This week, me and Gillman play through some of Akiba’s Trip. This clothes stripping 3rd person brawler is a unique Japanese game that only a company like XSeed would even consider bringing to the States. Check it out. Feedback welcome. Watch live video from Varms on Twitch

E3 2014 – Sony Summary

Similar to Microsoft, E3 2014 is a unique year for Sony as their new gen system, the PS4, has been available for about half a year now and quality unique games have been scarce. Most major announcement revolved around sequels versus new IPs and Sony seems to be putting more and more faith into their …

REVIEW – Tomba! 2 – PSOne Import on PSN

An Interesting Choice – Even though there have only been two Tomba titles ever created, this pink haired Neanderthal sparked enough of a cult following that copies of the PSOne originals sell for big bucks on eBay. Now thanks to the dedicated work of the wonderful people at Monkey Paw, both Tomba titles are easy …

VIDEOCAST – Wolf Fang (PSOne Import on PSN)

This week, me and Gillman wrap up the Monkey Paw run of classic PSX Japanese games by playing through all of Wolf Fang. Not to be outdone by this tall order, our heroes manage to have some brief technical issues in the first five seconds, because everything else just goes too well. But this hybrid …

Videocast – Lucifer Ring, PSOne Import on PSN

This week, me and Gillman play through the entire length of the forgotten early 3D brawler Lucifer Ring. MonkeyPaw Games was kind enough to go through the trouble of releasing it in digital format on PSN.  It isn’t the pretties game but isn’t all bad considering… Watch live video from Varms on TwitchTV