Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition (PS4) Review

Exor Studios, developers behind the underrated X-Morph: Defense, has recently released Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition digitally on PS4. What makes this PS4 release unique is the free cross-buy from the PS3 version. Back in June 2018, Sony gave away Zombie Driver for free to PS+ subscribers. If you claimed this free game a couple years ago, or purchased it outright, you automatically own this newly released PS4 version. Taking it one step further, Exor will be re-releasing Zombie Driver on the upcoming PS5 hardware and will be free on that platform if you own the PS3 or PS4 version. Pretty cool.

If you have not played Zombie Driver, you should check out my review of the Switch version.

All the features, buttery smooth frame rate, and DLC is included with this Immortal Edition.  The only major addition this PS4 release has over the Switch title is Trophy support.

To reiterate our Switch article, there is a ton of content available. The story mode features numerous levels, many objective types including racing, defending, and transporting, and there are some mega boss battles too.  There are several vehicles to unlock, each can be upgraded to increase the carnage, and the different weapons make zombie killing rather enjoyable: flame throwers, missile launchers, machine guns – all feel great. Race mode also features a few different variants and the Slaughter feature is Zombie Driver’s horde mode that stacks the player against an endless wave of the undead. It is all good fun and the only thing really lacking is online co-op multiplayer.

The arcadeyness of the over-the-top zombie destruction mixed with light RPG mechanics makes this taxi-sim a quality title that can easily provide hours on entertainment. Also, the super smooth frame rate here on PS4 is already a wonder to behold but makes me think of what could be possible on next generation hardware. Luckily, owners will find out soon enough thanks to the cross-buy, forward compatibility Exor has generously provided to fans.

SCORE: 7.5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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