This GBC game has a hidden Rumble Pak feature

Disney’s Tarzan by Digital Eclipse shipped with RUMBLE PAK functionality programmed into the game but shipped in a standard cartridge. It is assumed the RUMBLE cart was pulled during development due to higher cost to produce cartridges with the rumble feature.

To activate this secret feature you will need a special flash cart and the Tarzan rom file. When the played on the EZ Flash Definitive Edition cart, the rumble will trigger in Disney’s Tarzan (GBC) when the pig/warthog (Pumbaa from Lion King, an Easter Egg to another Disney property) charges towards you. Unfortunately, this is the only time the rumble will activate in this game which leads me to believe the rumble pak was cut as development was progressing.

It is difficult to hear in this video, since the rumble pak isn’t very loud, but it is confirmed – Disney’s Tarzan on Gameboy Color has rumble functionality built into the game’s code! Pretty cool!

If you want to learn more about Gameboy Color Rumble Pak games, check out my dedicated Playlist here.

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