The Traveler’s Path (XSX) Review with stream

The Traveler’s Path is a simple puzzle game about guiding a traveler to the exit by swapping and rotating tiled pieces on a single screen. It is essentially Pipe Dream but without the stress of ooze constantly flowing. Here, the player can take as much time as needed and the traveler will only walk across the screen once the path is complete.

Like many other EastAsiaSoft titles, this digital download only costs a few bucks, can be finished in a short amount of time, and features easy Achievements. The only form of replay value, which is entire optional, comes from designing each path with the most efficiency which is logged by the time it takes for the traveler to clear the exit. Meaning, there can be multiple ways to solve puzzles, keeping the difficult at a much more digestible position.

Visually, the blocky 3D polygonal figures do not push the hardware, but the non-interactive background can be slightly distraction as it doesn’t really look any different from the adjustable foreground. The pleasant but simple soundtrack also isn’t anything special but helps carries the casual experience from puzzle to the puzzle. It is strange, though, that the player can only rotate a selected piece in one direction by pressing a face button. It would have been more intuitive to use the shoulder or trigger buttons to rotate in that direction.

There is a small and considerate detail I would like to mention with The Traveler’s Path. Even though there are over 50 stages available, the player does not need to play them all in sequential order. Clearing a few stages will unlock that next batch of stages. So if you are having trouble with one particular puzzle, you can skip it but continue to play.  Also, it is a blessing for Achievement hunters because the Achievement popping levels can be cherry picked, taking even less time and effort to clear.

The Traveler’s Path is a nothing special, super casual puzzle game. It doesn’t really do anything wrong; it is just very plain and lacks a reason to keep playing – there are no leaderboards, things to unlock, or levels to gain. But for under $5, the approachable puzzle-piece laying gameplay justifies the low cost thanks to the easily obtainable Gamerscore.

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SCORE: 5/10

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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