Settris (XSX) Review with stream

An unofficial spin-off of Tetris, Settris is a casual experience tasking the player to fill a tiled grid with Tetris pieces just like a jigsaw puzzle. It offers simple and stress-free gameplay as there is no timer or penalty for failure.

There is no hint system but there is probably an online guide available by the time you are reading this article if you wanted to cheat. Starting on a small grid, the difficulty increases with each passing stage, eventually growing and involving color matching. There are a total of 80 stages, but the player only needs to complete the first 60 to earn all the Achievements.

The challenge comes from flipping and rotating the pieces, getting them to fit on the grid perfectly. Having the ability to flip the pieces, not just rotate, exponentially increases the difficulty factor, making some stages true brain teasers. But the interface is clean and easy to read although the soundtrack is limited yet pleasant. The control scheme is also intuitive.

My biggest complaint comes from the restriction to complete each stage in sequential order. Meaning, if one stage is providing an extra amount of trouble, the player is prevented from making progress until it is solved. Also, there is no undo button. Some puzzles involve multiple pieces and removing them one by one to start over can be tedious. Having one clear-all or instant restart button would have helped with this minor frustration.

Settris is priced correctly at $5 as the replay value is extremely limited, there is no multiplayer or leaderboards, and there is nothing extra to unlock. Casual puzzle fans will find something to enjoy, especially if wanting to snag several large point Achievements along the way, but more serious puzzle fans might be looking for more action.

SCORE: 6/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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