The Adventures of Panzer: Legacy Collection (XSX) Review with stream

Action platformers The Adventures of Panzer and The Adventures of Panzer 2 have been bundled together in the Adventures of Panzer: Legacy Collection, published by Ratalaika Games for $9. These are original NES games ported to modern consoles and have classic Ninja Gaiden-ish run-platform-attack gameplay.

Built around a humorous, light-hearted story, gameplay focuses on reaching the end of the stage while slashing at enemies along the way and avoiding hazards. It is fast paced, responsive, and action packed. Although the playable character is one tile tall, he can jump several times his height which makes for a good time. The ability switching mechanic also makes gameplay fun and pleasantly involved.

One of my complains, although minor, is the playable character basically looks like an Atari 2600 sprite compared to the rest of the visuals. The backgrounds contain details and even bosses are large and different which is an awkward juxtaposition. Each ability also swaps the sprite of the character, but they look too similar, sometimes making it difficult to distinguish which character/ability is selected.

The sequel is essentially more the same only with more polish and much grander in scope. Different playable characters, a Mega Man-style stage select option, and just bigger stages really packs more content into the final package. Both games are great but the sequel is just bigger and badder.  There are also just enough secrets to rewards players by performing well or venturing all the beaten path. The soundtrack has also been created with care and firmly scratches that nostalgic itch. 

The two games packaged in this one bundle are quality releases. They even include virtual instruction manuals which is a most welcomed included detail. However, despite following the same format and overall interface as other Ratalaika ports, there still is no option to adjust the volume levels and the default setting is high (like so many games released these days). Nitpicky complaints aside, this is one retro bundle that easily justifies the cost and provides hours of old school action plaforming entertainment.

SCORE: 8/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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