Egglien (XSX) Review with stream

A low-cost 2D retro-style platformer, Egglien is a quality short burst romp all about pooping eggs on your enemies. The story is ridiculous and shoehorned into the gameplay, but it doesn’t matter because most players will probably want to play this for the easy Achievements anyway.

You play as an alien that craps eggs like a machine gun, hence, Egglien. Since these eggs are expelled at such a high speed, it propels this alien in the air just like the machine gun in Cave Story. However, only so many eggs can be pooped with each leap so hovering through the air is short lived. It is a fun gameplay mechanic that doesn’t get old. If you can’t have a double jump or a grapple hook, this is the next best thing.

Instead of simply making your way to the exit, the player needs to defeat all enemies in each stage. When the last one succumbs to your egg blasting, it is on to the next. The sense of progression and speed in Egglien is top notch because each level is this bite sized area than can be completed in a minute or less. Stage design never gets complicated either, so there is no need for a mini map system or sophisticated puzzle solving. Nope. You just need to plan your egg boosts with proper timing so you shoot enough to kill the enemies but with just enough left in the tank so you don’t sputter out.  But even if you do, instant respawns alleviate any pain with dying coupled with the smaller stage design.

Egglien was almost entirely made by one guy, including the visuals and soundtrack. All things considered, especially the low-cost asking price, they are well done. The egg blasting machine gun gliding animation, the action you will perform the most, is always fun thanks to the cartoony and fast paced animation too. This is another quality example of a Ratalaika Games published title – a game that is highly approachable, simple, yet filled with straightforward quality set at a price anyone can enjoy.

SCORE: 8/10

Not To Be Confused With: Alien (the movie)

Also Not To Be Confused With: The Alien, the Dream Theater song

Wait For It: aliens to become the popular gameplay trend instead of zombies

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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