Tactics Ogre Reborn (PS4) has a grueling, unfair final boss battle

After 70-80 hours of playing through the campaign, without losing a single troop, I managed to reach the final battle in Tactics Ogre: Reborn (PS4, digital version). In order the reach this battle, the player must endure a massive 20+ unending string of fights, each taking at least 30 minutest to complete. While it is possible to exit these Hanging Gardens at any time, the player must replay all the battles if you leave so you better stock up before entering. Seriously, this string of matches might be one of the most grueling in all of gaming.

If you manage to survive this marathon fight sequence, the player is then faced against an impossible final boss battle.

The final boss, which is the lost king who traveled to the demon realm and became a powerful ogre named Dorgalua, summons exact copies of every fighter you bring into battle. Therefore, the more fighters you bring, the more difficult this Part 1 fight will be. As if this wouldn’t be hard enough, the monster has the ability to strike multiple fighters from a great distance all at once for massive damage. Then, he puts a block on the party that doesn’t allow fallen comrades to be revived. The worst part, this ogre has a passive skill that prevents him from taking damage and reflects any damage back upon the attacker (risk management). So not is it not possible to damage the final boss and you get punished as those damage points are reflected upon you! Not sure how it is possible, let alone fun, to damage a boss that is vastly overpower and cannot take damage. Also, the game caps your level at 40 so there is nothing more you can do to prepare for this fight. You cannot grind for levels since there is a level cap.

If you manage to defeat this foe, the 2nd part of the battle is even more ridiculous as he has over 4,000 HP, causes Frightened so your attacks are weak, causes Stun so you cannot perform any actions, and half your squad will start the fight dead since everything continues exactly from the first part of the fight.

This is super frustrating because I just wanted to finish the game and see the ending after playing for 3 days worth of time! Incredibly frustrating and not fun! What an unfair final boss. Why cheese the player after playing for so many hours?! It doesn’t need to be this impossible! Arrggghhhh!!!!

After trying a couple dozen times, I finally manage to beat this final boss and earn that game ending Trophy (not captured on stream here). Holy cow, man! What an impossible fight. Thing is, there was basically no skill involved – it was all luck. I got lucky that he didn’t summon his stupid damage reflecting passive skill and allowed me to damage him as my troops coincidentally were near him. I just focused every possible action on attacking – there was no long game healing tactics with this one. Just attack, attack, attack. That is the only way to do it. I was down to my final troop, Catiua, in the 2nd part of the battle and used the last of her MP to cast a white magic spell to cause 60 damage when he had like 20hp left. Wow. So glad I am done with this now. But then a whole bunch of post-game content becomes available. Unfortunately, I do not have the will to play this after this totally unfair and ridiculous final boss. This has to be one of the most brutal final boss fights in all of gaming.

If you know of any any other final video game boss fight that is as unfair, cheap, and brutal as this one, please leave a comment.

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