Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS, 2014-2023) – Final Badge Count, only free plays

At the time of this post, Nintendo closed the Wii U and 3DS eShops and the Nintendo Badge Arcade (3DS) with it.

For the last several years, I have been milking the free plays almost daily. Now with the eShop closed, my Badge counted ended at 7,275. The sad part, I still have well over 1k more to go as there were over 8,800 in total. However, I feel pretty good ending at over 7k without ever spending a cent.

To document this creative, one-of-a-kind app, I streamed my collection of Nintendo Badge Arcade badges just as the eShop was closing. See it below.

The good news is, the Badge Arcade is still accessible even with the eShop closure so you still have access to all your badges. It is still possible to collect a free daily play using the Practice Catcher but the 2-free daily plays are now gone; you won’t be able to collect much with only 1 play. Unfortunately, the practice badges in the Practice Catcher and the roster of available playable badge sets are unchanging. Since I have just about all these non-rotating stock of available badges, I will not be able to obtain any more.

So here is my collection that took me years to obtain (embedded above).

Did you know you get a secret code word when you collect 6k badges?

Do you know what happens when you collect 7k badges?

Here’s what happens when you max your level in the Badge Arcade.

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