SquallSnake Saga – Metal Gear Solid GBC Walkthrough – Stage 6 (Marionette Owl boss fight)

Metal Gear Solid - Project Babel

Stage 6 for Metal Gear Solid for Gameboy Color (GBC) can be just as confusing as Stage 5.  Luckily, I pre-played this stage so I spent minimal time backtracking through trial and error. This stage is unique because the entire stage features no lights and no power because Metal Gear is sucking all the juice to launch a nuke in 30 mins. Equipping the Infrared goggles, Snake manages to find some Night Vision Goggles while stumbling in the dark.  On his way out he runs into Marionette Owl, a master of nighttime combat and uses two puppets in battle.  Getting lucky shooting the dark and being blinded by stun grenades, Snake takes down Owl to start his trek north to Metal Gear. Jimmy also mentions “Project Babel” which is the name of this Metal Gear game outside of the US – Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel.

Metal Gear Solid - Owl


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