REVIEW – X-Men Destiny (PS3)

It Is Not Your Destiny

X-Men Destiny does something different.  Instead of assuming control of your favorite mutant superhero, Destiny puts you in the shoes of an unknown mutant.  The entire basis behind the gameplay is having the option of imbuing the special abilities of your liking, not unlike selecting the Ranger, Fighter, or Mage class in any action RPG.

Once you select your main ability, there are multiple way to flourish your superpowers through leveling up and selecting certain paths during the story.  But what starts out as a pretty cool build-your-own-hero system quickly turns into a mindless chore.  Combat involves little more than the button-mashing your way through the cookie cutter horde of enemy drones and even the Destiny system, one of the game’s highlighting features, has little impact on the overall story.

With a campaign lasting about a half dozen hours and unimpressive visuals, X-Men Destiny is the short bus to superhero-ville.  It is nice to see some Marvel cameos throughout the adventure, but this is definitely not the next Marvel Ultimate Alliance that players might be hoping for.  There isn’t even co-op.


Not As Good As: The Ultimate Alliance games

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