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Sega’s favorite mascot has going through some tough times ever since he left the Genesis era.  Sonic Generations is a throwback to great 2D levels of the 16-bit age with the best touches of Sonic Adventure mixed in.  Sure, fans received Sonic Colors but the ridiculous alien plotline was a little strange and Sonic 4 has only received a single episode.  However, Generations is the type of Sonic game that fans have been waiting for and will most likely get the biggest kick out of.

Generations essentially runs through Sonic’s history, starting with the original 1991 original and ending with Sonic Colors, two fold.  Each stage plays out in two different ways: one played as classic potbelly Sonic from a 2D perspective and the other from the modern sarcastically talking Sonic using a mix of both 2D and 3D gameplay.  The game’s blending of Sonic’s best features creates a strange sense of nostalgia but yet offers a new sense of excitement. In short, it’s not bad.

Although all levels are created with polygons, the game’s visual pallet should look very familiar especially in the earlier stages.  Sonic’s classic move set, like the spin dash and homing attack, the soundtrack and sound effects, enemies and ring collecting, and even the physics and sense of speed is sure to please fans.  Each environment features bright vibrant colors and even boss battles will bring back Sonic memories. In order to progress to the next area, stages and sometimes challenge missions must be completed in succession.  This is a little limiting but does harken back to the original game’s level progression.  Some of the challenges, though, are quite challenging and stands as the game’s biggest hurdle and occasionally the background looks interactive and can be confusing.

Even though this game will create nostalgia for older gamers, it is strange that some of Sonic’s other highlighting games like Sonic CD or Sonic 3 were not included in the final package; I guess they needed to save some content for the next inevitable sonic game.  Also, the game can be completed in a few hours and the incentive to collect each stage’s hidden red rings to reach a full completion rating is low, minus the ability to unlock a Genesis controller that unlocks the original game.


Better Than: most Sonic games released in the last 10 years

Also Try: Sonic Colors

Wait For It: Sonic Generations 2

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