REVIEW – Star Sky (Switch) Review

A Literal Walking Simulator

The term “walking simulator” has been used in a humorous way to describe some laid back games recently, games that usually involve minimal input from the player. Star Sky is quite literally a walking simulator as the only buttons for input are pressed for walking or walking faster. From a nighttime silhouette visual style, there isn’t much too see and there are not really “game” elements but instead this Switch eShop download creates more of a moody experience.

While this “experience” isn’t necessarily ground breaking entertainment, a few applause must be given for attempting something so unique. Since the player can only control forward movement using two different speeds, there isn’t much in term of interactivity. However, things can happen along the way if the player demonstrates patience.  When an event has the possibility of happening, the music changes to provide an audio indicator.  If the player then decides to wait about 5-10 seconds, often times an event will unlock such as a rainbow growing in the distance, a sign post can change direction, picking a flower, or meeting a lovely lady.  It is possible to reach the end of the one playable level in about one minute if the player runs without stopping but that would be missing the point and there wouldn’t be anything to see. It is not possible to see all the events in a single playthrough and the game actually shows which events were witnessed at the conclusion so there is a surprising amount of replayability.  Even though each play through will only take about five minutes, fans probably won’t mind trying to unlock all the events.

The dark, shadowy visual style really sets the mood and wouldn’t be the same if this eShop title was displayed in vivid color.  While the run animation of the faceless character is a little choppy, the audio cues and overall soundtrack make this title stand out. More like an experimental toy or piece of moving art, Star Sky is undoubtedly unique but it shouldn’t necessarily steal time away from the quality games on the system.  Instead, if you are looking for something that does not really make sense and want to kill a casual half hour for a low price, Star Sky will provide a calming experience, as opposed to an intense gaming session, on your Switch.

Not As Good As: Limbo
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Don’t Try It: walking by yourself at night down a scary alley

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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