REVIEW – Bus Fix 2019 (Switch)

Ultimate Games S.A. is continuing their tradition in releasing some of the worst garbage on the Switch eShop with Bus Fix 2019.  Even if fixing buses was a fun thing to do, this game is designed so poorly it doesn’t even function and is essentially a re-skin of Car Mechanic Manager.

The player is supposed to receive repair orders, perform diagnostics, then repair or replace whatever damage is on each bus.  Unfortunately, the interface is so poorly designed it is a wonder if some AI just slapped something together and auto-released it to the Switch eShop with zero testing. The entire game is nothing but shifting through menus but it only works about half the time.  Sometimes pressing “A” does something, like move on to the next menu, other times it does nothing which makes the player wonder if any input was registered at all. The same low res character portrats that were in Car Mechanic Manager also make their way into this bus fixing sim.  Perhaps I am stereotyping, but I doubt that young blonde girl needs to get a bus fixed when it looks like she is still riding it to school.  There are also times when the player is tasked with moving the analog stick to make repairs interactive but it is never fun and suffers from the same clumsy and unplayable interface.

Instead of releasing complete trash each week, Ultimate Games S.A. should pump the breaks a bit and instate some quality control.  If this publisher continues as is, they will easily make a name for themselves as being the LJN of this generation. This is a another title to avoid at all costs.

SCORE: 1.5/10

Feels Like: getting run over by your neighborhood Pace bus
Also Try: going to auto repair vocational school
Wait For It: Mental Breakdown Fix 2019

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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