Puzzle Galaxy (Switch) Review

Puzzle Galaxy by Naptime Games is a compilation of picture puzzles that provides a fun, casual experience for one or two players in local co-op. This is a perfect game to play with your spouse, that youngster, or someone who really isn’t into games.

There are dozens of puzzles available ranging in categories from space, steampunk, animals, cityscapes and more. Each puzzle can be segmented into 6, 15, 28, 40, 56, 60, 96, and 150 pieces and can be saved and continued later if it cannot be completed it all in one sitting.  The UI also rewards the player with a star next to each completed puzzle so you can easily keep track of the ones that have been finished. Just note that completing a 40-piece puzzle will not check off the 6-piece puzzle as being completed, for example, so completionists take note.

One of the more thoughtful features is the included co-op mode. Just hand a Joycon to your partner and two can put together one puzzle at the same time. The overall interface is intuitive too. For example, if playing a 96-piece puzzle, each player has access to about eight pieces at any given time. This keeps the interface uncluttered and easier to manage. Also, for the most part, the game seems to give the player pieces that all connect around the same area of the picture so you don’t need to scan opposite ends of the screen. 

There is a magnetic connecting feature that works with the player.  Meaning, if you are near the area where that one specific piece is supposed to go, the game basically says “ok, close enough” and will connect it for you. Oppositely, if you try and spam the place button, the game will retract the piece to the side of the screen after three improper guesses. Also, the pieces are always presented with the proper orientation so players will never need to twist or rotate a piece.  Sure, this cuts down on the difficulty but makes for a smoother and faster experience when most of the work is done for you. 

When playing in co-op, the game keeps track of the connected pieces of each player for some friendly competition, but the game doesn’t declare either player a winner or anything like that. In fact, the game doesn’t even have a timer so there is no leaderboard for completing a certain puzzle in a shorter amount of time. Nope, this is just a casual put-the-puzzle-together experience just like you do on your dining room table just without it taking up physical space.

There are many puzzles in the base download but paid DLC is also available if you wanted to add more content from more categories. Puzzle Galaxy is a casual and entertaining puzzle-putting-together-sim done right. It is simple, easy to play, and there is no pressure. The images are cute and well-drawn and the included co-op mode is a lovely project you can complete with a friend.  The soundtrack is also outstanding even after listening to the same looping track in twenty-minute increments. 

SCORE: 8/10

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Better Than: buying a physical puzzle that takes up all the room on your table

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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