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Puzzle Platforming Couch Co-op

In the summer of 2018, I reviewed Pode on Nintendo Switch – you can read this article HERE as mostly everything remains the same in this PS4 version.

Pode is a non-violent couch puzzle platformer built around two-player co-op. While it is entirely possible to play through the campaign solo, it is ideally played with a partner at your side. Using the unique strengths and weaknesses of each character, the player(s) must reach the end of each room in order to send the star character back into the sky. Through and through, it is a charming and endearing experience from beginning to end. It is also worth mentioning there are no enemies to defeat; this is strictly a puzzle platformer.

Guys, this is probably the perfect game to play with your girlfriend and parents should enjoy their time playing this with their young children. Controls are simple. The presentation and characters are cute. And teamwork is essential but never overly demanding making it a casual but highly entertaining experience.

Since this is on PS4, each player will obviously need their own controller unlike the split JoyCon option in the Switch eShop version. There are also several Trophies to unlock, most of which will be unlocked through natural play but unlocking the couple gold Trophies will require a bit of skill.

The frustrations of the Switch version are still apparent here.  Some puzzles are a little obtuse and require some experimentation and some platforming segments are a little harder than they need to be.  Players will eventually get stuck on a puzzle, especially on the world ending stages, so jumping around to find where to go and what to do is a natural action to find the solution. In doing this, players might actually find them jumping through parts of the environment and finding an occasional glitch. However, while it might not be perfect, Pode is still a solid five-hour adventure regardless of platform.

SCORE: 8/10

Better Than: Degrees of Separation
Also Try: any recent Mario Party game
Wait For It: L4D3

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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