Pretty Girls Speed (PS4) Review with stream

Pretty Girls Speed is the latest game in the long running line of Pretty Girls titles released by EastAsiaSoft.  This time, instead of breaking bricks or playing Poker, the player plays a virtual game of Speed, a card game, against fully clothed anime girls. This PS4 release has no lewd content at all. In fact, there is nothing even remotely naughty despite what the title might suggest.

Speed is a simple card game in which two players place cards in sequential order. You just need to be faster at placement, hence the name “Speed.”  For example, if one of the two playable piles is showing a 4, then you can place either a 3 or 5 card, assuming you have one in your pile to play. The first person to place all their cards wins.

The main mode is the Battle setting in which the player faces off against a colorful anime girl. The first to win two matches is declared the winner and each match takes around 30 seconds. In the instance of a draw, the match is replayed. Each win earns the player a Trophy and took me about 20 minutes to snag the Platinum. 

Placing cards also takes time to understand. Each of the four playable cards are assigned to a direction on the d-pad without any option to make adjustments. With a game that is so fast paced, it can be difficulty to remember which direction moves what card. It would have been nice if there was an option to remap the controls, or at least lay out the cards in a + shape so make it easy to select. It is still playable just takes time to grasp with any sort of efficiency. Also, simply button mashing the d-pad also works and I was able to win several matches this way.

It is not like the other Pretty Girls title had an extensive “dress up” mode but Speed doesn’t have any type of outfit simulator at all.  Once you defeat one of the casually dressed girls in the Battle mode, the player can simply press a button to see that fully dressed girl without the UI; they are not even animated. That’s it. There is no pay off. No image gallery. No items or features to unlock. Just win the game and move onto the next. There are 100 Challenge stages, which is literally the same exact game only a checkmark gets placed in a box when completed, so there isn’t any replay value. There is no 2-player mode, online play, or anything extra to do or unlock.

With limited gameplay and replay value, there isn’t any meat on the bone. The other incentive, seeing anime girls in crazy outfits, is also as tame as can be. Even dedicated fans of the Pretty Girls series will feel a little short changed on this one.

SCORE: 4.5/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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