Pretty Girls Escape PLUS (PS4) Review

Pretty Girls Escape PLUS is the latest game in this long running EastAsiaSoft published series only this time it focuses on matching-colored blocks. There isn’t much replay value in this simple puzzle game, but it only takes a few minutes to unlock the Platinum trophy.

Imagine a Tetris well pre-filled with colored blocked. If two or more adjoined colored blocks are clicked, they disappear and the blocks on top of them fall. At the top of the well is a picture of one of the pretty girls. The goal is to clear the color blocks in such a way that this picture piece falls through the hole at the bottom. The shoulder buttons then tilt all the blocks in that direction, adding another layer of complexity but it never reaches exceedingly challenging heights. In fact, many stages can be cleared in under 20 seconds.

Like all the other Pretty Girls titles, this is a PG rated game. The non-animated anime drawings on the side of the screen are nothing scandalous at all. Over time, the player can unlock a few different outfits for each girl then stage them in the pointless Dress Room option that has not evolved at all since the first Pretty Girls game launched years ago.  There is an attempt at replay value in the form of clearing a certain amount of block in each stage under a certain time limit, but it doesn’t unlock or do anything. The player only needs to clear the first two stages of each girl, the easiest stages of each lot, to unlock all the Trophies too. So yeah, Trophies hunters will want to take note of this one.

Pretty Girls Escape PLUS is no better or worse than the other games in the series. It remains a perfectly average, if not slightly boring yet casual puzzle game, that misleads the player into thinking they are getting something much more naughty just from the title alone.

SCORE: 4.5/10

On Par With: all the other Pretty Girls titles

Better Than: Rampage Puzzle Attack (GBA)

Wait For It: Average Looking Dude Pai Gow Poker

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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