Knowledge Keeper (XSX) Review

Essentially a glorified Sokoban game, Knowledge Keeper offers plenty of single player puzzle solving for five bucks.

Playing as a tiny robed wizard character thing that walks like he is in an early South Park episode, it is your jobs to flip switches, walk through teleporters, push boxes, avoid water/pits, change colors, and collect the gem within each stage. There are dozens of stages to clear, each one a little more involved than the last. Fans of Chips Challenge will probably feel right at home despite the more mythic, dungeony visual style.

Although each stage essentially takes place in a dark, cavernous setting, it isn’t without charm and detail. For example, the player can crush pottery when walking over them, or candles that seem like background elements are surprisingly interactive.  These little touches add that extra bit of detail in an otherwise standard game.

Knowledge Keeper’s trial-and-error gameplay isn’t for everyone, but there is something about the more casual, go-at-your-own-pace mentality that can be soothing even though some of the later stages will tease the brain. A part of me wishes there was some type of built-in hint system but I guess that is just called “YouTube”, so it is hard to knock a simple puzzle game that has plenty of content for a low price. Just remember, the puzzle-based gameplay might not be for everyone.

SCORE: 6/10

Better Than: Shivering Stone

More Detailed Than: Sissa’s Path

Don’t Forget About: Fluffy Milo

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