Marble Maid (Switch) Review

Instead of a monkey trap inside a ball like Sega’s popular Monkeyball franchise, Marble Maid features a creepily designed anime maid trapped inside an orb, tasked with touching literal dust “bunnies” in stages that remind of the pyramid from Q-bert. Platforming in a ball is never accurate since you are always rolling, hunting down these […]

Rolling Car (Switch) Review

Like Trials on a treadmill diorama, Rolling Car is part platformer, part balance simulator.  The goal is to guide a monster truck to the end of each stage, avoiding hazards and making jumps while maintaining balance and proper momentum, all from a treadmill level design. Although there are easy-to-see Trials inspirations, this is definitely not […]

Ayo the Clown (Xbox One) Review with stream

Originally released on Switch last summer, I praised Ayo The Clown for being a pleasant little 2.5D platformer with tons to collect and abilities to upgrade. This Xbox port is essentially the same game although it looks a little sharper than the Switch version and of course has Achievements. Everything I mentioned in my Switch […]

Little Nemo: The Slumberland Hero (GBC) demo playthrough

Little Nemo: The Slumberland Hero is a new, original Gameboy Color (GBC) game released in 2022. This demo of this GBC ROM was made available today. Learn more using the link below. Really cool this cartoon/NES game is getting a sequel, even if it is unofficial.

Floogen (Switch) Review

An action platformer made with stop-motion clay visuals, Floogen has an eye-catching style. Unfortunately, the troublesome gameplay doesn’t match the unique presentation. Playing as a blob that likes to collect watermelon, the ultimate goal to essentially get to the other side of the stage. Along the way are tons of annoying enemies to whack, hazards […]

Does this game from 1990 have the best video game intro of all time?

Kwik Snax was released for the ZX Spectrum in 1990 by CodeMasters and has a totally killer intro that goes so hard. It goes so hard it might be the best video game intro of all time! Seriously, give this a listen and watch to the end (the programmers had to time the moveset of […]

These are the Xbox games on sale for the week of May 3, 2022

The following games are discounted through May 9, 2022. Xbox One: Content Title Content Type Discount Notes 112th Seed Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 60% Spotlight Sale 3on3 FreeStyle – 550 FS Points Add-On 20% Multiplayer Sale 3on3 FreeStyle – Deacon Character Package Add-On 30% Multiplayer Sale 3on3 FreeStyle – Jack Character Pack Add-On 30% […]

Gunship (GB) – new Gameboy game 2022 – rail shooter w/amazing soundtrack

Incube8 Game is set to release GUNSHIP, a brand new original Gameboy game in 2022. They were nice enough to send me a preview ROM so I can check out the gameplay and happy to report this is a pretty fun game. You control a cursor on screen and need to shoot incoming enemies. When […]