My Analogue Pocket finally arrived! Unboxing, first impressions, and more!

I ordered my AP almost 2 years ago and it finally arrived on Christmas Even morning! Is this the best Xmas present ever?!? In my excitement, I open the box, see what’s inside, and turn it on for the first time. OMG! Look at that screen! Amazing! Since this video, I updated the firmware, installed […]

Donut Dodo (Switch) Review

Despite the wholesome appearance, Donut Dodo is a tough-as-nails new retro-style arcade experience that mixes gameplay elements of classic Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Burgertime, Popeye, and even DK Junior into something unique, fun, and snappy. The goal is to collect all the delicious looking donuts in each stage which unlocks the path to grab the final, […]

Jitsu Squad (Xbox One) Review with stream

Four anthropomorphic characters each wielding different weapons must thwart an evil power from causing chaos to the world. No, this isn’t a TMNT game, but Jitsu Squad is still a decently fun mindless brawler if you have a local co-op partner or two by your side. The initial stand-out feature is easily the vividly colored […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Revenge of the Smurfs

Revenge of the Smurfs feature a total of 5 Single-Pak linkable mini-games but only one is available by default. Unless you want to suffer through the single player campaign, a code can be entered to unlock the rest. Unfortunately, these mini-games feel like chores and are just not fun. And why are the Smurfs out […]

Wavetale (XSX) Review

A third-person adventure outfitted with creative cel-shaded visuals, Wavetale is a heartfelt adventure that sort of mixes the exploration of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker but with the deeper emotional narrative of RiME into something uniquely its own. Although the flaws are obvious, the story and water surfing mask almost all the imperfections. […]

GBA Single-Pak Link – Simple 2960 Tomodachi Series Vol. 2: The Block Kuzushi

Released only in Japan, there were a few titles in the Simple 2960 Tomodachi series. Vol.2 features classic Arkanoid/Break-Out gameplay and there are two Single-Pak link multiplayer modes. Learn about them here (one mode is easily more fun than the other).

The Crackpet Show (Switch) Review

The Crackpet Show takes the Smash T.V. gameplay and plot but swaps the beefy, shirtless dudes with mutated animals that are reminiscent of Happy Tree Friends. Ideally played with local multiplayer, this twin-stick shooter (which is really more like a single stick shooter with auto-aim) requires more patience than most. This top-down action game has […]

The Bounty Huntress (Xbox One) Review with stream

An indie Metroidvania, The Bounty Huntress is a simple game released at a budget price. While the generic visual style leaves plenty to be desired, the gameplay would have been casually enjoyable if it wasn’t marred by technical issues and poor quality of life choices. Clearly inspired by Castlevania titles, you play as a female […]