NEWS – Nyko Black Friday Sale

Nyko Technologies is proud to offer their biggest ever sale on Nyko products starting today at  Many of Nyko’s best-selling products are being offered at deep discounts off of their original retail prices now through November 30th, 2011. As an added bonus all shoppers will receive a FREE DSi Zoom case with every order. There is also FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $15. Now is a great time to pick up additional game controllers and accessories for your holiday shopping.

The list of Nyko products on sale includes:

  • Action Pak (Wii Wand + Gun grip with Transport Technology) – $10
  • Type Pad Pro (QWERTY keyboard for Wii – requires Wii controller) – $8
  • Gold Pack (Wing Wii classic controller + Perfect Shot pistol grip) – $10
  • Pure HD (HDMI Cable) – $5
  • Wand for Wii (various colors) – $15
  • Charge Base 2 (dual port PS3 controller charger) – $10
  • Wand Core Pak (Wand Wii remote + Kama nunchuk, various colors) – $20
  • Kama (wired nunchuk, various colors) – $10
  • Kama Wireless (white) – $12
  • HD Link PS3 – $5
  • HD Link 360 – $5

To shop Nyko’s Cornucopia of Savings Sale visit

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