NEWS – Nintendo Direct 2-13-14 Summary

Nintendo Direct Pres

If you didn’t want to watch the 40 minutes of new Nintendo news, here are the details you should know:

– Little Mac from Punch-Out!! is a playable character in the new Smash Bros. He also seem to get along with Samus. Nintendo also promised a 2014 release window for this game on both Wii U and 3DS.

– Mario Golf World Tour will have a lot of customization options and will be released on May 2.

– Kirby’s Triple Deluxe will have hidden key chain collectable, Waddle Dee will help you out with StreetPass, and will also be released on May 2.  There are also a ton of ways to use a single ability.

– Steel Diver now has a sequel and is available on the 3DS eShop now. There is a free version that includes 4v4 mulitplayer and a couple of single player missions. The full game provides more single and multiplayer content and is available for $10.

– Professor Layton and the Azten Legacy will have unique StreetPass functionality.

– Mario Kart 8 will be released on Wii U on May 30th and will have the Koopalings as playable characters.

– Nintendo is trying out Free-To-Play and microtransaction models with quirky upcoming baseball game.  Prices start at $4 but you can actually please an in-game character to knock the price down.

– Yoshi’s New Island sees the return of crying Baby Mario but with new giant eggs that help Yoshi clear paths and sink in water. There are also some gyroscope controls that will probably frustrate most players.

– There is a new Pokemon game slated for a March 20th release date. However, Pokemon Battle Trozei is a puzzle game sorta, kinda, like Bejeweled.

– Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy will feature a unique scavenger hunt mechanic and will be released at the end of Feb.

– NES Remix is getting a sequel and will include Kid Icarus and even Metroid content. And to further promote Luigi, players can play through the original Mario Bros game as Luigi and backwards.

– Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is confirmed for US release sometime in 2015.

– LEVEL-5 is set to release Weapon Shop de Omasse and Inazuma Eleven.

– There are several more indie titles headed soon to the Nintendo eShop.

– GBA games were finally announced for the Virtual Console. Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 will be the first titles to be released.

– Bayonetta 2 is still in development but a 2014 release window has been announced.


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