Mojito The Cat (Switch) Review

A simple three-dimension grid-based puzzle game, Mojito the Cat tasks the player with rolling a cat shaped cube over collectable items and then the goal in the least amount of moves as possible. As a quick comparison, it looks and feels a lot of like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker only with more restricted movements and alcoholic cats.

The puzzles start simple enough, just move a few squares to grab the thing and then roll to the exit, but then stage design starts to grow more complicated.  There is a slight Super Mario Galaxy world wrap feature as the player can rotate around to other sides of the polygonal world. This, in combination with elements like moving tiles and squares that break under your feet, eventually sees difficulty increase and more trial and error comes into play.

My problem with Mojito the Cat is the awkward isometric perspective. Flicking the analog stick right, for example, doesn’t move right; it moves the kitty cube down. It is very easy to make these movement mistakes, even after spending time with the game, so it becomes frustrating. The worst part, the entire basis of the game revolves around keeping track of every single movement. In fact, this is how the game rewards and grades the player after each stage. Often, I would get a low rank just because I moved the analog stick in the direction I wanted to move but that isn’t how the game understands input direction.  It is possible to rotate the camera with the other analog stick, but movement is still locked to that awkward directional control. I found using the d-pad on the Pro Controller yields the most intuitive results but never feels quite right.

Positively, the cute kitty-cube visuals are rather adorable, there are 60 puzzles to solve, and numerous characters to unlock.  Unfortunately, despite having care put into the overall theme, it is difficult to recommend a game that doesn’t control well but keeps track of every move you make.

SCORE: 6/10

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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