Knights & Guns (Xbox One) Review with stream

First released on Switch last year, Knights & Guns is now available on Xbox consoles. A Buster Bros. (or Pang if you prefer) clone, this Xbox version is basically the same as the Switch version only with numerous Achievements. Check out my coverage of the Switch version here.

Instead of vertically shooting balloons like in Buster Bros., these knights use an assortment of Contra-like weaponry to destroy invading monstering. There are tons of weapons available, each with their own abilities, and there are multiple enemy types and mission objectives that change from stage to stage. There are also tons of things to unlock, spending the coins dropped from the baddies you destroy, so there is always something to purchase or upgrade. 

Best played in two player co-op, it is a little disappointing to have this Xbox port limited to local co-op online instead of taking advantage of Xbox Live features. Other issues, like having enemies spawn on you without warning, are annoying and gameplay does get repetitive even with all the weapons and enemy variety; you still only shoot northward after all.  However, if you like a game in which you can grind for hours, Knights & Guns will surely keep you busy. There are tons of stages plus each stage needs to be completed multiple times to earn everything. There is a lot of content here.

Again, check out my Switch review for more but it is nice to see this co-op action game make its way to Microsoft consoles. It isn’t a perfect experience but one of those games that you can play for 5-10 minutes each day and get your fill. 

SCORE: 6/10

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Better Than: pretty much any Buster Bros. game thanks to the upgrading features

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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